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Nov 2, 2012 5:00pm EDT
& earlier. as tens of thousands of peoole are still reeling from hurrrccne york city still plans to hold its ingle ssows us the rguments race.nd against the race. -nats-/file marathonunder the packdrop offa city decimated py sandd...thousands of runners slateddto pound the pew york city marathon. to 9/11, i think rudy madd the right decision in those days tt run the marathon and it pulled people ttgether."new york cityymayor michael bloomberg drawing praise and condemnation for his decision to go ahead with the hundreds of thousands of people ii new york &pmetropolitan areaasit without ccrrently running non-stop in - ooponents arguing the race - will put more of a strain on the city...and take away police resourcee.malliotakii that these peopleeherr have g nothing. they don't even have a bed to sleep in.//tootake any reeource from this communityyto supervise a marathon is just beyood boon to the city ...bringing - in approximately 340-million dollars in revenue each year. this year, they say, one million of that, will be donated to recovery eeforts. close to forty eight
Nov 16, 2012 5:00pm EST
... by the new york and new jersey port shhws the devastating flooding caused by you're looking at two new jersey "path" train stations city and the other in hoboken. service at both stations remains ssspended nearry thrre weeks after the storm... with damaged or destroyed.. twiikies... are supposed... to last forever.../ but... the company that makes them -/ may hostess... has asked... a court for permission... to close... its business... pconic brands...///. the company says... it will lay off... most... of its... 18-thousand person... porkforcc. .../this... after... a... week-long strike... by theebakers pnion,.../ which was protesting pay and pension cuts. 3 "what am i supposed to do, i work for a bakery, you know i move them, that's all i know for 23 years... they can't tell mm i have to just get up and go,,move r i'm donn. no, i'm gonna stay here and fight."" 3 bakery operations re suspended lthough the company's retail stores will remain open for a few days to sell ccrrent products. that brings us tt our question of the day. day.who do yyu
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2